Meet Pedro, a 14-year-old Shetland pony and the newest addition to London's Ebony Horse Club, a nonprofit that works with disadvantaged youth.

Pedro is the first animal the children meet when they come to the club, serving as their introduction to horses. He often works with disabled children.

Pedro the pony

But standing at just 43 inches, Pedro struggled to see over his stable door, especially when he could hear a commotion outside.

"When the rest of [the horses] are coming out and looking for their food, poor Pedro's stuck in there going, 'What's going on with the rest of the world? I can't see nothing,'" said Martina Burrell, a horse club volunteer.

Pedro can't see over door

The staff and the children they mentor decided something must be done, so they began to brainstorm.

The ideas ranged from giving Pedro a walkie-talkie to installing a seesaw inside his stable, but the winning idea was a periscope.


Construction began immediately, and soon the "Pedroscope" was installed on Pedro's stall door.

The children showed the pony how to use the device, and now Pedro happily watches the world outside his stall.

Pedro looking through periscope

However, the Ebony Horse Club staff says the periscope is only a temporary solution. They hope to raise enough funds to build Pedro his own miniature stable — with his ideal door height — which will also free up space for another horse.

The club offers access to horses to 160 inner-city children each week, but there are currently 60 children on the waiting list. Another horse could allow them to bring more children into the program.

A number of the children who participate in activities at Ebony Horse Club have gone on to further their education or to work in the equestrian industry.

"The aim is trying to teach them life-skills — it is not just about lovely ponies. In fact it is very far from that," chair of trustees Sue Collins told The Independent.

Meet Pedro and the children who built his "Pedroscope" in the video below.

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