You've likely seen a Google Street View car slowly driving through your neighborhood, recording in detail so people can explore the area from afar. But when the terrain isn't vehicle-friendly, some street view services hire humans to strap on cameras and hit the trails.

A person working for a service called Daum was recording Ulleung-gun, a small island in South Korea, when what looks like a stray dog decided to tag along.

The dog heads up a path, camera person close behind. The dog heads up a path, camera person close behind. (Photo: Daum)

The photogenic pup walked ahead, seemingly eager to lead the way through wide trails, heavy brush and waterside routes. The dog went up stairs and walkways. He seemed to stop and sniff a few times, but even when he was next to the water, he didn't pause to admire the view.

dog walks alongside the water The trail took the camera person and the dog along the water. (Photo: Daum)

When the photographer lagged behind, the dog turned around and waited.

The dog turns around to check on his companion. The dog checks on his companion. (Photo: Daum)

No word on whether the photographer had a backpack stuffed with food, or the dog was just happy to have some company.

Dog outside a building in South Korea Anyone home? (Photo: Daum)

It looks like the helpful guide dog gave the tour somewhere around July 2010. Check out the site and explore for yourself. The panoramic pooch photobombs nearly the entire trip.

dog walking ahead on the trail Sometimes the dog stuck close by, other times he kept some distance. (Photo: Daum)

Dog walking along fence in the woods This dog was an unexpectedly awesome tour guide. (Photo: Daum)

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Scene-stealing dog guides street view photographer through S. Korean island
A stray dog followed a street view photographer around an island in South Korea, photobombing nearly every shot.