When photographer Theron Humphrey realized that he wasn’t happy, he decided to do something about it. That something was a 365-day road trip to all 50 states where he’d meet a new person each day and photograph them. He called it “This Wild Idea.”

Before he set out, Humphrey adopted Maddie, a 45-pound coonhound from an Atlanta animal shelter, to be his road trip companion.

Just a few days into the trip though, he discovered that Maddie had a special talent: an amazing sense of balance.

"My buddy and I went out for coffee, and when we got back, instead of lying on the couch, she was standing on the back of the couch with her head down,” he told the Chicago Reader.

After that, Humphrey started experimenting to see just how good Maddie’s balance was, and soon he was posting daily photos of Maddie standing on a variety of things, including soup cans, fence posts, a basketball hoop, the tops of doors and a shopping cart.

Humphrey says most of his Maddie photo shoots lasted no longer than 15 seconds. He’d find the location and check the lighting, and then he’d pose Maddie and instruct her to stay. Many dog treats were involved.

At the conclusion of the yearlong road trip, Humphrey turned Maddie’s photographs into a book titled “Maddie On Things.”

The pair is currently on another tour of the country promoting it, and, of course, Humphrey is snapping plenty of photos of Maddie along the way. He's also working on a new photo project called "Why We Rescue," which highlights how pets improve our lives.

Although he saved Maddie from a shelter, Humphrey says that, in a way, she saved him too.

Visit Maddie’s book tour site to see when she and Humphrey will be in your state, and check out some of her impressive photographs below.

Theron Humphrey and Maddie

Maddie on things

Maddie on things

Maddie on things

Maddie on things

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Photographer finds balance with talented shelter dog
When Theron Humphrey adopted Maddie, a coonhound with an extraordinary sense of balance, she took his life in a whole new direction.