When caring for your delightful little doggy, you always try to make smart selections — fluffy recycled-fill dog beds, tasty organic treats, biodegradable “business” bags — but all of your most dazzling efforts have left your dog looking, well, somewhat shabby. Put an end to your pup’s fashion faux pas with Planet Dog’s eye-catching collars.

In three commanding colors, each collar is made with an easy-to-use side release buckle so you simply slip your pup’s eco-ensemble on and off for a quick cleaning. Completely fleece lined, these collars are ultra-comfy and because they’re crafted from sustainable hemp, they’re also super durable (meaning you won’t have to replace them as each dog year passes). What a doggone good idea!

Story by Alison Sherbach. This article originally appeared in Plenty in November 2007. This story was added to MNN.com.

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Planet Dog's eye-catching collars
The collars are completely fleece lined, ultra-comfy and crafted from sustainable hemp so they're durable.