pregnant dog Fusee photo shoot with owner Elsa It's obvious how much Elsa loves her canine BFF. (Photo: Clayton Foshaug/Instagram)

Pregnant dog Fusee and her best human friend Elsa are seemingly inseparable. There are photos of Fusee all over Elsa's Twitter and they look so incredibly happy together. So of course, when her beloved pup was expecting, the teen owner shared images of the various stages of her dog's swelling belly.

She even persuaded her sister's photographer boyfriend, Clayton Foshaug, to do a lovely photo shoot featuring the pregnant pug mix.

“My bestfriend is 8 weeks pregnant so we decided to do a maternity photo shoot,” she wrote, sharing four sweet photos where Fusee wears a flower crown, Elsa holds up a "Soon 2 Be Mom" sign and the pair sits in a field of flowers and clovers.

pregnant dog Fusee photo shoot with owner Elsa The flower crown is just the sweetest. (Photo: Clayton Foshaug/Instagram)

"I wanted to do a maternity photoshoot because she is so photogenic," Elsa told "I just thought it would be a good memory to save."

Pup pregnancy shoot with Elsa and Fusee Elsa and Fusee show off the pup's great expectations. (Photo: Clayton Foshaug/Instagram)

Of course, the heart-melting images made the world happy.

pregnant dog Fusee photo shoot with owner Elsa Not long after the internet discovered the precious photos, Fusee had her puppies. (Photo: Clayton Foshaug/Instagram)

And as an update, eight puppies were born on June 28. Online fans are clamoring for a puppy photoshoot. Until then, here's the first picture of the little ones. No word on whether the pups have already found homes.

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Dog owner shows off her pregnant pooch with sweet maternity photo shoot, complete with flower crown.