Sure, there's football. But more importantly, there are also puppies and kittens. Whether you're just not a football fan or you need something to get you ready for the big game, you have adorable Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl options on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here's what to expect when baby animals hit the field on Feb. 4.

Puppy Bowl XIV

Moonshine and Hannah are on 'Team Ruff.' Moonshine and Hannah are on 'Team Ruff.' (Photo: Animal Planet)

For the uninitiated, the Puppy Bowl stars dozens of puppies playing (and sometimes napping) inside a tiny football stadium, with announcers providing commentary on their moves.

Billed as the ultimate "tail-gating" experience, this year's bowl features more canine players than ever: 90 dogs from 48 different shelters and rescues from across 26 U.S. states and territories. They'll be playing for "Team Ruff" and "Team Fluff" in a brand new bone-shaped stadium.

Before the festivities even start, Jokgu the piano-playing chicken will be pecking out the national anthem. During the big game, baby barnyard animals will cheerlead on the sidelines and a rescued sloth will help referee.

The Puppy Bowl starts at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet.

But the big news is the little players. Click here to see the full starting lineup.

Mango and Checkers are on 'Team Fluff.' Mango and Checkers are on 'Team Fluff.' (Photo: Animal Planet)

This year's bowl features puppies rescued from areas hit by natural disasters in 2017, including Houston, Puerto Rico and Florida. There are several special needs players including Moonshine (a sight-impaired and deaf border collie), Chance (a deaf Dalmatian), Ryder (a sight-impaired husky) and Luna (a Pomeranian mix with a cleft palate).

Papa and Miley will compete in the 'Dog Bowl.' Papa and Miley will compete in the 'Dog Bowl.' (Photo: Animal Planet)

For the first time, older dogs will also get a chance to hit the gridiron. "The Dog Bowl" will feature 50 adult dogs from shelters and rescues that are frequently passed over for their younger counterparts. This show, which will air Feb. 3 at 8 p.m., will feature "Team Tails" and "Team Paws."

Kitten Bowl V

Houdini and DewDrop for Kitten Bowl Houdini and DewDrop are ready for their feisty opponents. (Photo: Hallmark Channel)

Starring only the most agile cat-letes, the Kitten Bowl features rescue felines playing for four teams: "Last Hope Lions," "Little Longtails," "North Shore Bengals" and "Pouncy Panthers."

The kittens vault, pounce and purr their way to victory in their own mini stadium as former Pro Bowler Boomer Esiason calls play by play on their agile antics.

The Kitten Bowl starts at noon on the Hallmark Channel.

During the Kitten Bowl, adoption events are held all over the country in conjunction with the feline athletic event. According to the Hallmark Channel, since the event started in 2014, the “Kitten Bowl” has inspired the adoption of more than 10,000 animals.

Click here to check out out all of the sometimes fierce (but always incredibly cute) players.

Elvis and Murphy are ready for the Kitten Bowl Elvis and Murphy have their game faces on. (Photo: Hallmark Channel)

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