It wasn’t raining cats and dogs in Los Banos, Calif., on Sunday — but it was raining puppies.


Elaine Bouschard and her grandson, Taylor Callaway, were in their yard when they saw a dog fall from a height of about 30 feet and hit the ground. The tiny puppy had been in the clutches of a hawk where he would’ve become dinner, had he not managed to escape.


“All of a sudden I saw this little puppy laying there, he was almost dead,” Callaway said.


Boushcard saw the hawk circling the area, so she scooped up the puppy and took him home. She thinks the hawk might have grabbed the pup from a junkyard because he was greasy when they found him.


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While she isn’t sure what caused the bird to drop the puppy, she does have a theory.


“If you look at him right now, he is so wiggly — and his nose! He’s just a little bulldozer. I could actually see him wiggling right out of the talons,” she said.


Bouschard plans to keep the puppy and raise him alongside her other animals, which include dogs, cats, horses and even a few hawks. Given his timely fall from the heavens, she's decided to name him "TJ Heavenly."


“My thought is that when God drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it,” she said.


Check out a video of "TJ Heavenly" below.