A 3-year-old French sheepdog raced his way into the record books today when he rode a scooter more than 98 feet in less than 20 seconds.

Norman the Scooter Dog earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for his performance at the All Tournament Players Park in Marietta, Ga.

Upon completing his race against the clock, Norman hopped onto his bicycle and pedaled across the floor to the delight of onlookers.

In addition to riding bikes and scooters, the dog is also known to engage in other human-like behavior. He puts his dishes in the dishwasher, fetches snacks from the fridge and always wipes his furry face on a towel after taking a drink.

Norman’s owner, Karen Cobb, says he enjoys going for rides. "I think he likes to be able to stand up and move — and move quickly," she told USA Today.

Watch Norman's record-setting scooter ride in the video below.

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Scooter-riding dog sets world record -- no sweat
Norman the Scooter Dog earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for riding his scooter more than 100 feet.