Captain Ron is a favorite at the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He was taken in by the rescue group about two years ago when he was picked up as an older stray with health issues. They knew the aging dog likely wouldn't be adopted at a traditional shelter and probably wouldn't make it out after the three-day hold period. So Captain Ron became a permanent resident at the home-based sanctuary where older dogs go to live out their senior years.

Captain Ron's photo is often shared on the group's Facebook page, where the sweet-faced pooch caught the eye of some very special people: his former owners.

They reached out and contacted the shelter, so happy to see that their four-legged best friend was happy and in a wonderful place.

It turns out that Captain Ron's original name was Oscar. He lived on a farm with cows and sheep and is a Grand Pyrenees/Rottweiler mix. He lost his eye from a fungal infection called blastomycosis and was just getting over an illness when he disappeared from the farm. The owners have since moved out of state and agreed that the best place for 13-year-old Captain Ron is with his new canine family where he is settled and happy. At the sanctuary, Captain Ron shares his days and nights with about 50 other dogs.

Captain Ron's family was thrilled to share photos of the pup in his younger days.

Although fans of the sanctuary's Facebook page are divided over whether the owners should have tried to bring the dog back or let him stay where he's been the past two years, most are glad that they got to see Captain Ron/Oscar happy and healthy, long after they had given up hope he was lost for good.

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