Carli Davidson dog Shake project

Photo: Carli Davidson

With ears flapping and slobber flying, Portland photographer Carli Davidson's collection of "Shake" photos — which capture canines mid-shake — are sure to delight dog lovers.

Carli Davidson Shake bookHer new book, aptly named "Shake," features 61 pictures of dogs with wild fur and flopping jowls.

Davidson's mastiff, Norbert, inspired the book.

"He shakes a lot," she said in a news release. "I clean a lot of drool off my walls."

Davidson took the first photo of a dog mid-shake in 2011 and quickly realized she'd found something special.

"The first time I uploaded the photos I couldn’t stop laughing, I knew I had to keep shooting it and create a body of work. I realized that what I was capturing was something playful, lighthearted and somewhat bizarre."

Since then, Davidson has photographed more than 140 dogs. Many of her subjects were the pets of family or friends, but a few also came from a local animal rescue, Panda Paw, where she volunteers.

Davidson says she does her best to make dogs feel comfortable before she begins shooting them. She sets them up with toys and treats and gives them time to explore.

"I spend time getting to know the animals, and making them feel as relaxed as possible so they show their true character," she said.

Although she won't give up all her photography secrets, Davidson does admit to wetting some of the dogs down before photo shoots.

When asked why she thinks her "Shake" photos have been so well received, Davidson said she thinks it's "because seeing something that’s so familiar look so unusual intrigues us."

To learn more about the book, visit the Shake website or follow Davidson on Facebook.

Check out some of her incredible photos below.

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Carli Davidson Shake dog

Photographer Carli Davidson with her dog, Norbert

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