Yogis at an Illinois yoga studio recently had their downward-facing dogs interrupted by a group of shelter cats.

As part of Adopt-a-Cat month, Decatur no-kill animal shelter Homeward Bound, teamed up with fitness studio Yoga at Connie’s for a special class attended not only by humans, but also by six cats available for adoption.

The shelter’s social media volunteer, Jeanette Skaluba, came up with the idea after a video of a shelter kitty riding on her shoulder went viral. She figured that since that video did so well, she’d made another, but this time, she’d feature the cats in a new environment.

"By taking the cats to something like a yoga class, people have the opportunity see and interact with them outside the shelter,” she told The Dodo. “It gives these cats exposure and shows their personality. I think people can envision these pets in their home easier because they're outside the shelter."

The kitties roamed freely during the feline-friendly yoga class, and while some preferred to watch from the sidelines, others got up close and personal with the participants.

They wove between legs, rubbed against backs and, in true kitty fashion, occasionally made themselves comfortable in places that seem far-from-comfortable for the cat-loving yogis.

"The ones that were really active really made the class a lot of fun," said studio owner Connie Pease. "They jumped on the students and kissed them. One had their butt in my face, but we had so much fun with them."

In total, the kitty yoga class raised more than $500 for Homeward Bound, and one of the feline participants has already been adopted.

Check out some photos and a video from the class below.

cat on woman's back doing yoga

cats in yoga studio

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Shelter cats do downward dogs
A fitness studio and animal shelter team up to help rescue cats — and have fun doing yoga together.