Snuffles, a 5-month-old Belgian shepherd who appears to have two noses, is looking for a forever home.

The puppy had already had four different owners by the time he was taken to the Dogs Trust Rehoming Center in Glasgow, Scotland, last month.

Dogs Trust workers said they suspect Snuffles' rare congenital abnormality, which caused a split down the center of his nose, was putting people off.

The rare birth defect enables Snuffles to move both sections of his nose independently, but it doesn’t cause any health problems.

"Despite having the appearance of having two noses, he is a happy, healthy dog in every way and will make a fantastic pet in the right home," Dogs Trust staff member Mary Ward told the Daily Record last week. 

Dogs Trust recently shared Snuffles' story, and the canine won hearts across the globe.

The shelter received more than 100 inquiries about adopting the puppy, and some came from as far as South Africa and the United States.

Last week, a local family planned to adopt Snuffles, but Dogs Trust said the arrangement recently fell through.

"Snuffles is back up for rehoming, and again we have had so many calls already from all over the world," a spokeswoman said. "We are confident we will find the perfect home for him soon."

Snuffles is looking for an active family, and Dogs Trust says he could live with a compatible dog and children older than 14.

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Snuffles the dog is sniffing for a new home
The shepherd mix has been returned to the shelter multiple times because of his unusual appearance.