A small town in Spain recently concluded a weeklong campaign that drastically reduced the amount of discarded dog droppings around the city. Although the method was somewhat complex, the idea was simple: Deliver the dog poop to the pet owner’s home.

Developed for free by advertising agency McCann, the campaign took place in Brunete, a town located about 20 miles from Madrid, and enlisted the help of 20 volunteers.

During the course of a week in February, volunteers approached dog owners who left their pet’s droppings behind and struck up a casual conversation with the goal of learning the dog’s name.

"With the name of the dog and the breed it was possible to identify the owner from the registered pet database held in the town hall," a spokesman from the council told the Telegraph.

When the guilty dog owner’s address was confirmed, the poop was placed in a box labeled “Lost Property” with the town hall’s insignia and delivered via courier to the person’s home.

In all, 147 deliveries were made in the 10,000-person town, and since the conclusion of the campaign, Brunete has reported a 70-percent decrease in dog droppings on city streets.

The dog-poo delivery campaign isn’t Brunete’s first attempt to get dog owners to clean up after their pooches. Last year, the city had offending pet owners chased by remote-controlled dog droppings on wheels that carried signs reading “Don't leave me – pick me up.”

To get a glimpse of the town's innovative clean-up-after-your-pooch campaigns, watch the video below. (It's in Spanish, but somehow we think you'll get the point.)

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Spanish town sends dog poop back to irresponsible pet owners
The week-long campaign to keep Brunete's streets clean led to a 70-percent decrease in discarded dog droppings.