No one will ever know what happened to Squishy on his grand trek. One day the kitty was in Lathrop, California, and a month later he was discovered wandering the streets of San Francisco, nearly 80 miles away.

A feral cat rescue volunteer with the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) scooped up the black-and-white kitty when she saw him strolling around. Typically, volunteers with the program take in feral cats to be spayed or neutered and then return them to the neighborhoods where they prowl.

But Squishy was "very friendly," SPCA spokesperson Krista Maloney told SF Gate. When they checked him for a microchip, they found he had gone missing several weeks earlier from his home in California’s Central Valley.

"We found out this cat had been missing," Maloney said. "We have no idea how Squishy got to San Francisco."

Maloney pointed out that the happy reunion is an example of why it's so important for pet owners to microchip their animals and make sure their contact information is always up to date.

Squishy's owner, identified by the shelter as "Savannah," was overjoyed after she got word that her pet was alive and well, according to the paper.

"Squishy’s owner, Savannah, immediately dropped everything to come and pick him up," the shelter posted on Facebook. "The two had a very happy reunion and Squishy is now back home where he belongs. Please microchip your pets!"

Commenters on Facebook celebrated the happy ending with many wondering what in the world Squishy had been up to on his month-long adventure.

Guessed Paul Mifsud, "The cat must have wandered into a boxcar."

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Squishy the cat's 80-mile, month-long adventure
A feral cat volunteer scooped up Squishy off the streets of San Francisco and found he had a loving home many miles away.