If you’ve ever wondered where Stephen King gets all his terrifying ideas, look no further than the beast above.

This adorable corgi named Molly may seem harmless, but there’s a reason the bestselling horror author refers to her as the “Thing of Evil.”

Just look at what she did in December when King introduced her to his Twitter followers.

Mercilessly chewing up a Santa hat may seem like run-of-the-mill puppy behavior, but some of King’s fans hinted that this could be only the first of little Molly’s destructive acts. Some even drew comparisons to Cujo, the rabid St. Bernard in his 1981 horror novel of the same name.

Since then, King has offered a wealth of photographic evidence that Molly has been living up to her nickname.

She’s destroyed her own bed.

She’s mutilated harmless boxes of Raisin Bran simply for the thrill of the kill.

She’s hunted down innocents and smiled over their corpses.

She’s even demonstrated blatant disregard for King’s personal fitness.

And when she’s not actively engaging in malicious behavior, she lounges around the house scheming future evil acts.

It’s difficult to comprehend how King should share his home with such a creature. Perhaps he needed villainous inspiration for a future novel, but it could simply be that “The Thing of Evil” is just so darn cute.

Stephen King lives with this horrifying creature
At first glance, Molly is simply an adorable corgi, but the bestselling horror writer provides ample evidence of the little dog's reign of terror.