We buy our cats fancy toys and scratching posts, sometimes buying them toy castles to climb and sleep upon.

However, if these cats in Japan are any indication, we just need to find a good set of drain holes and let them play peek-a-boo with some other cats.

Photographed by Nyan Kichi, these stray cats hang out in an alleyway that has a drainage pipe, and the ditch has holes that seem like they were just for cats to dive into and jump out of.

Other times, they're just hanging out and chilling.

(And holes are first come, first served, so maybe just wait your turn, all right?)

Of course, while these holes may seem like they were made for cats to get into, not every cat is made for the hole, as some have discovered.

This doesn't stop some cats from taking great leaps ...

... and landing in the hole with remarkable precision.

Sometimes Kichi adds a sense of humor to the mix, going for the Whack-A-Kitty joke with a tiny plastic hammer.


But a few of the cats just aren't having Kichi's jokes, or his photography.

Either way, these strays are having a good time, exploring their own private drain network.

Here's proof that stray cats know how to make their own fun
Alley cats in Japan photographed by Nyan Kichi dive in and out of back alley drain holes.