Millions of refugees are fleeing Syria, but while many of the photos we’ve seen of their flight are heartbreaking, there are some making the rounds that are truly heartwarming.

The photos show an unknown refugee smiling and cradling a tiny kitten close to his chest. He appears to have brought nothing with him besides his pet and a backpack’s worth of possessions.

The man had recently reached Greece’s island of Lesbos after traveling across the Mediterranean Sea on his way to Europe, according to Greek news site Protothema.

Little is known about the refugee; however, according to Twitter, his kitten is named Zaytouna, which is Arabic for “olive.”

It’s estimated that 11 million Syrians have fled the war-torn country, and many people on social media are touting Zaytouna’s photo as a ray of light in an otherwise dark situation.

Syrian refugee takes kitten across the sea
Photos of a relieved refugee cradling a kitten on the shores of Greece have gone viral.