All this dog wants is a kitten — preferably a female tabby kitten.

In a new video created and voiced by Andrew Grantham, the man behind the “Ultimate Dog Tease” video, a rescue dog begs his owner to adopt him a feline friend.

Made on behalf of the Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign, the video promotes the adoption of rescue animals.

The American Pet Products Association launched PAL to demonstrate the joys and benefits of pet ownership and increase adoptions for shelter animals.

Watch the "Dog Wants a Kitty" video below, and check out more of PAL’s animal videos on the campaign’s YouTube page.

Laura Moss writes about a variety of topics with a focus on animals, science, language and culture. But she mostly writes about cats.

'Talking' dog has a lot to say about pet adoption
A new video from the Pets Add Life campaign features a rescue dog that wants his owner to adopt a tabby kitten.