The search for a dog whose head was stuck in a plastic jug for more than a day has come to a happy ending.


Volunteers began looking for the pit bull mix in the woods around Memphis, Tenn., after a woman spotted the pup on the side of the road. Beth Gresham tried to rescue the dog, but the animal ran away when Gresham approached.


Gresham was able to snap a photo of the canine, and she posted it on her Facebook animal-rescue page with this description, “Plastic container is stuck over this baby’s head. Cannot eat or drink.”


The picture received so much attention that local TV station WREG ran a story about the trapped dog, and soon dozens of volunteers began searching for the animal.


“There was a little room so that she [got] air, but the hotter it got, the less oxygen she was going to get,” Gresham told WREG.


Groups of volunteers began searching for the pup on June 8, and by the following day the disabled dog had been located.


“I seen him coming down pathway with the jug on his head,” Chester Burns told WTVR. Burns cornered the dog against a fence with his Jeep and then used wire cutters to remove the large jug.


Rescuers aren’t sure if the container was placed on the dog’s head or if she became trapped while searching for food.


After she was freed, volunteers took the pup to a local animal hospital where vet tech Jesse Sidle says the dog ate whatever they gave her, including dog food, cat food and a rotisserie chicken.


“She was starving. She was 27.7 pounds and she should be around 45 pounds,” said Sidle.


X-rays showed that the plastic jug wasn’t the only problem the dog was dealing with though. The pit bull pup had been shot with a BB gun, and she had a broken pelvis and a fractured jaw, indicating that she might have been hit by a car.


Although people suggested several names for the dog, including Pickle, Jughead and Astro, they ended up naming her Miracle after her incredible story.


Since her rescue, Miracle has already gained five pounds and is up for adoption.


Check out a video of Miracle and her rescuers below.