In Edward Lear’s famous poem, the owl and the pussycat head to sea in a boat, but the real-life owl and pussycat prefer to stick to the land — and the skies. Fum the black cat and Gebra the barn owl made their YouTube debut in May, and the video of their playful relationship has now amassed millions of views.


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The amazing footage of the pair shows them playing in the Spanish countryside, with Gebra often swooping down on the cat and Fum leaping to paw at the owl. Whenever Gebra lands, the feline Fum hurries over to greet her with a gentle rub or a playful smack of the paw, but the occasional peck from Gebra keeps Fum in line.


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Fum, which means “smoke” in Catalan, and Gebra, which means “frost,” grew up together, and some say they may have bonded over a mutual instinct to hunt animals. But regardless of how their friendship formed, it’s clear the two enjoy each other’s company, and they’ve attracted thousands of fans on the Web. Today, Fum and Gebra have their own blog and their own Facebook page.


Check out this amazing footage of the playful pair.




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The owl and the pussycat
One has fur and the other has feathers, but that doesn't mean they can't be friends.