If you thought Carli Davidson's photographs of slobbery, ear-flapping dogs was adorable, you're going to love her new project: "Shake Puppies."

Shake Puppies book coverThe book, which is released Oct. 28, was inspired by a group of second-graders who, after viewing Davidson's photos of shaking dogs, told the animal photographer they wanted to see puppies.

"I was also drawn to the idea of surrounding myself with puppies," she said in a news release. "It was almost medicinal — spending the day overdosing on cuteness."

Davidson made sure the photo shoots were a positive experience for the dogs by playing with them, giving them plenty of treats and helping them get familiar with her gear before taking their pictures.

And while photographing puppies is a challenge, she says it was an entertaining one.

"There was no shortage of cracking up on set: puppies falling asleep under the warm modeling lights, falling over after a long shake, attacking shoe laces, peeing on my camera bag. They were little clowns there for our entertainment."

However, the greatest challenge in creating "Shake Puppies" was simply finding dogs to photograph.

Davidson said it was important to her to avoid unethical breeders, so she focused on photographing puppies from animal shelters.

"I am a huge supporter of animal rescue and really want that message to come though in this book," she said.

Carli Davidson with puppiesDavidson (pictured at right, draped in puppies) expected that she'd end up adopting one of her four-legged subjects to help keep her 9-year-old dog active; however, she was concerned that raising a puppy might be difficult with her busy lifestyle.

While shooting for the book, she did end up adding to her canine family — just not a puppy.

Her neighbor told her about an 8-year-old schnauzer named Saul who was in need of a new home. Many rescue groups had rejected him, so Davidson agreed to foster him.

Although she didn't intend to be his forever home, she fell in love with the older dog and said Saul was her first "foster fail."

"Here I was surrounded by puppies and I opted for the gray, bearded old dude. As cute as puppies are, we really have to be honest with ourselves about adopting them. They require time and consistency and, most of all, patience. Old dogs lay it all out on the table. They may have some trauma to recover from and some training to work on, but you have a much better sense of just who you're gonna be sharing your life with from day one."

Davidson hopes "Shake Puppies" will encourage more people to adopt shelter dogs and develop relationships with animals.

"I learned so much about life from my pets, and I have countless memories of them giving me inner strength just by showing me unconditional love."

Below, check out some adorable puppy photos from the book, as well as a video from the shoot that's sure to make you saw "aww."

puppy Annie shaking

puppy named Cloud shaking

Cloud puppy shaking

puppy named Hans shaking

Hans puppy shaking

puppy shaking ears

puppy shaking

fluffy puppy shaking

Koda puppy shaking

black puppy shaking

puppy named Meatball shaking

Behind the Scenes Shake Puppies from Carli Davidson on Vimeo.

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