Meet Bob, a golden retriever from Brazil who knows that friends come in all shapes and sizes — and species.

Bob shares his São Paulo home with a hamster and a variety of birds, and as the photos on his social media sites prove, he’s perfectly content with the multispecies living arrangements.

In the photos, Bob’s smaller friends rest on his paws and nose, snuggle with him under blankets and sometimes go for outdoor strolls.

However, not all canines are suited for interspecies companionship.

Dogs that aren’t used to being around other animals can pose a serious threat to them, so it’s important to make sure your dog is well socialized with other pets before setting up your own interspecies photo shoot.

“My modification protocol of choice for introducing a dog to a new species is classical conditioning: giving the dog a positive association with the new creature,” writes certified dog trainer Pat Miller on “The Whole Dog Journal.”

Miller advises pet owners to manage the dog with a leash, crate or baby gate when introducing another animal and to reward the dog with a treat so he relates the presence of the new animal with receiving a reward.

“If you’re proactive with your introductions – and if your dog didn’t come to you with a lot of practice at chasing other animals – you can often create harmony in your household in a short time with reasonable effort.”

Take a look at some photos of Bob and his friends in the photos below.

Bob the golden retriever with birds and hamsterBob and his furry feathered family (Photo: bob_goldenretriever)

dog with parakeet on headBob and his feathered friend enjoying a little time outdoors. (Photo: bob_goldenretriever)

dog with hamsterSize doesn't matter when it comes to furry friends. (Photo: bob_goldenretriever)

Bob the dog with hamster and birdsBob and his interspecies family (Photo: bob_goldenretriever)

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This dog's friendships know no bounds
Bob the golden retriever spends his days surrounded by a variety of birds and a furry little hamster.