We love a cute dog photo around here. These three dogs are the star trio of MuttAdventures, an Instagram account by photographer Emily McCracken. Like most of us who use Instagram and then get a dog (or cat, or kid...), McCracken's own stream was quickly filled with photos of George, her 2-year-old mutt (and object of affection in the photo above) when she brought him home. To spare her friends and family the deluge of cute dog photos, she started a separate account which quickly became popular as she posted photos of George, then George and Boston (a 1-year-old adopted Dane mix) and finally George, Boston and Gertie (a 4-year-old adopted Bull Terrier) who are now the lead act.

dogs licking each other

"George was my first dog, I always grew up with dogs, but he is 'mine.' He is very intelligent, patient and willing to please. He has always been very easy to train and is highly treat motivated!"

two dogs sitting together

"Boston is a one year old Dane mix, we adopted him as a family dog in June 2013 from I Am Alive Dog Rescue in Brockville, Ontario. He was brought in from a hoarding situation and was diagnosed with parvo just a couple days after rescue ... When we met Boston he wouldn't even come over to see us, he is a very nervous guy. Despite missing the initial connection you hope for when adopting, we brought him home. He immediately latched on to George and they have been inseparable since!  Boston has since grown into a 120lb lap dog, he is very close to his family and still remains very nervous in new situations."

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"Gertie is a 4-5 year old Bull Terrier. We adopted her in January 2014 from the Lennox and Addington OSPCA in Napanee, Ontario. I started volunteering as a photographer at the shelter in the new year and that is where I met Gertie. She was part of a 20 dog breeder surrender and had been used to have numerous litters, had poor dental health and was covered in kennel sores. I had never met a Bull Terrier before, but I will admit I was intimidated by her stare in the kennel, although as soon as the door opened everything changed. Her tail could not have wagged faster and she crawled right in your lap. Gertie is by far the happiest, most exuberant dog I have met, don't let her egg head and beady eyes fool you, she loves everyone -- cats, dogs, people, kids. She is my social butterfly, I can take her anywhere and know that she will do just fine!"

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McCracken now volunteers at her local animal shelter, capturing photos of the adoptable animals so they can be better promoted online and hopefully find a forever home more quickly. Both her experience at the shelter as well as with her own dogs has helped her to come up with some creative and downright cute photos of her pack. "Although I do have the dogs stand or sit in positions, I do let them interact with each other during the shoots to make the photos more natural. I think it is very important to try and capture the dogs faces with expressions. It's ok if they are blinking, or yawning because dogs do that!"

As for her following (32,000 fans and counting!), the love is mutual. "I am very lucky to be a part of such an amazing, interactive community on Instagram. I truly appreciate all the support from all my followers and know that if I have a question about anything dog related, there is a network of people that I can ask! It is great that we can all share our creativity and pups in one place."

It is also a place for McCracken to advocate for adoption. It's fairly common for her to get questions on where she found her dogs. "I have had numerous people ask me about the breeder I got Gertie from, but she is infact a rescue. Purebred dogs are in rescue too, all you have to do is look, you will be surprised how many are close to you!" Between her photography on Instagram which highlights the charming and loving personalities of her adopted dogs, and her work as a shelter volunteer, McCracken is an inspiring (and entertaining!) dog lover. Check out more of her photos below, and even more on MuttAdventures on Instagram.

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dogs sleeping in a pile

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