When Josh Wulf met his dog Keller, she was a 1-year-old stray that had been taken to the New York shelter where he volunteered.

Keller the dog"We weren't quite sure if she had bad vision or she was blind," Wulf said.

The stray dog stole his heart, so Wulf adopted her and took her to a veterinarian who determined that Keller was likely born blind due to dwarfism since her retinas never attached.

Surprisingly, she got around just fine until an accident broke her hind leg beyond repair and it had to be removed.

A year later, Keller was diagnosed with glaucoma and had both eyes removed.

Despite her setbacks, Keller still wanted to explore the outside, so Wulf placed her in his kayak trailer and attached it to his bike. He took Keller for a ride, and it was an instant hit.

"She loves riding around with her nose in the wind," Wulf said.

Keller's cartInspired by Keller’s love of riding, Wulf constructed a bright red wagon complete with pneumatic, or air-filled, wheels.

Although Wulf admits they get some strange looks from passersby, he says Keller brings a smile to most people's faces.

"More than anything, Keller has taught me to be patient, and understanding of disabilities," he says. "Overall, she is a pretty normal dog. It just takes her a little longer to get around."

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