Expect to see plenty of witches, vampires and perhaps a few superheroes roaming your neighborhood on Oct. 31. A survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that seven in 10 Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, along with plenty of four-legged ghouls and goblins. Pets are dressing up for the big day as well, so throw a few dog treats in your goodie bucket along with those packets of Skittles and Snickers bars.

If you are considering a costume for your furry friend, check out the NRF’s top 10 list for inspiration and see our versions below:

chihuahua in pumpkin costume

1. Pumpkin


vizsla with devil horns

2. Devil


dachshund in hot dog costume

3. Hot dog


4. Cat (top photo)


dog in bee costume

5. Bee


cat in ghost costume

6. Dog/Ghost (tied)


dogs dressed as Batman, Wonder Woman

7. Super hero


cat in witch costume

8. Witch


cat in necktie

9. Bowtie/fancy collar/bandanna


dachshund in Superman costume

10. Superman

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Photo credits:

Pumpkin: cmiper/Flickr

Devil: Barna Tanko/Shutterstock

Hot dog: brmurray/Flickr

Bee: This Year's Love/Flickr

Ghost: Stephen Begin/Flickr

Super hero: mccun934/Flickr

Witch: mk30/Flickr

Tie: Oskar & Klaus, Inc.

Superman: jacksonpe/Flickr

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