This year was rich with adorable pet stories, videos and memes, but several stories stood out. From a grumpy feral cat to a dog loyally waiting for his family, here are the top 5 pet stories on Mother Nature Network for 2017.

19 pics of dads who said they didn't want a dog

We've heard it all before. Dads who claim they don't want a dog and want nothing to do with the furry creature. But then, suddenly, the new dog and dad become instant pals — usually when dad thinks no one's paying attention! Check out these dads who were caught red-handed loving on their four-legged friends.

How to mess with your cat by drawing a square

cat in tape heptagon This kitty couldn't help but jumping in the tape on the floor. (Photo: SneakyChino/imgur)

Pretty much everyone knows cats love boxes ... A LOT. They like squeezing into even the tiniest ones without a care in the world if they're uncomfortable. Apparently, cats' love of sitting in small spaces even goes as far as drawing a square on the floor. Seriously. This clever cat trend went about as viral as the scaring your cat with a cucumber trick, but that craze was so 2016. If you don't believe the square trick work, take a look for yourself.

Dog stranded by wildfire waits for family at burned-down home

Dog in Santa Rosa wildfire As the scene unfolded when family members checked the house, it wasn't clear what they would find ... and then they saw Izzy. (Photo: Jack Weaver)

In October, wildfires ravaged Santa Rosa, California and forced many residents to evacuate, including the Weaver family. While fleeing their home, the Weaver's beloved dog Izzy ran away. It was too dangerous for the family to search for her, and it took a couple days before the family could return to their burned-down home. When they arrived, they were surprised by what awaited them.

This feral 'grandpa' cat may not care for humans, but oh, does he love kittens

Grandpa Mason cuddling with his little buddy kitten, Scrammy Grandpa Mason cuddling with his little buddy kitten, Scrammy. (Photo: Tiny Kittens/Facebook)

Feral cats are notoriously known for being anti-social and just plain grumpy. They don't necessarily like humans and would probably prefer to be left alone. Mason is exactly that cat. He was rescued from a large feral cat colony and adopted by a woman in Canada. Shelly Roche said Mason's behavior completely changed when she brought home foster kittens. He went from being a grumpy old man to a loving caretaker. "When Scrammy (ginger kitten) started licking Mason's ear, and Mason leaned into it, I completely melted," said Roche. "The one thing missing for Mason had been contact with another living being, and while he didn't want that from ME, he had clearly been craving it from his own kind." There's even videos showing Mason's affection for the kittens.

Max the cat loves the library. (The feeling is not mutual.)

Max the cat sits in front of college building Max likes to roam the campus of Macalester College. (Photo: cool_cat_max_and_gracie/Instagram)

Libraries are a quiet haven for many people. Rarely are its doors closed for anyone. Unless you're a cat. Max gained a reputation for crashing classes and events at Macalester College. While he is welcome in most buildings, the library just wasn't having it and even posted a sign telling people not to fall for the charms of bibliophilic Max and to keep him out. The sign quickly went viral, and the reactions are hilarious!

Of course, that's just the highlight reel. For more great pet stories, check out MNN's pet page, any time of year!

The best pet stories of 2017
From a grumpy feral cat to a loyal dog, here are the top pet stories from 2017.