After being admitted into hospice care, veteran John Vincent had just one special request: He wanted to spend a little time with his beloved dog.

Vincent, a 69-year-old Marine who fought in Vietnam, was placed into the Hospice Center at the Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Affairs Medical Center in New Mexico. Because he had no family in the area to care for his pet, he had to give up his 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix named Patch to the Albuquerque Animal Welfare, the organization posted on Facebook.

Knowing he likely didn't have much time left, Vincent told Amy Neal, his palliative care social worker, that he wanted to say goodbye to Patch and see him one last time. Neal reached out to the city's animal welfare department.

"It was an immediate 'yes' from us," Adam Ricci, Albuquerque Animal Welfare chief of field operations, told CNN. "So, we worked with the VA to get things organized."

Patch and Vincent were happy to see each other. Patch spent the day on Vincent's bed. (Photo: Albuquerque Animal Welfare)

A team brought Patch to the hospital to visit Vincent. Patch spent the whole day there, curled up on the bed, sharing kisses and cuddles.

"It was such a heart warming moment!" the organization posted. "They were so happy to see each other and to say their good byes. It was an honor to make this veteran's final wish come true."

The 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix was Vincent's family. The 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix was Vincent's family. (Photo: Albuquerque Animal Welfare)

Teary people from all over the country followed the story and some reached out to offer Patch a new home. Patch has found a new home with a local adopter, the shelter tells MNN.

Many commented that they were so happy for the pair to be reunited for the day, but sad that their time was so short.

Many people from around the country offered to give Patch a forever home. Many people from around the country offered to give Patch a forever home. (Photo: Albuquerque Animal Welfare)

"Patch is special indeed!" wrote Kresspo Monserrattz. "So heart wrenching & beautiful! Ouch, life can be so painful and sad, and at the same time filled with grace & beauty"

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A veteran in hospice care is reunited with his dog one last time
Vietnam veteran gets his dying wish to spend the day with his beloved dog.