The latest installment of Vladimir Putin’s unusual photos features the Russian president rolling around in the snow with his dogs.

The Kremlin’s photo album, titled “A walk in the Moscow suburbs,” shows Putin in a Team Russia tracksuit as he enjoys a snow day with his Japanese Akita, Yume, and Bulgarian Shepherd, Buffy.

The wintry images were captured by the president’s personal photographer on March 24, but they’ve only recently been made public.

Putin has a long history of staging bizarre publicity stunts, which have included photos of him hunting bare-chested in Sibera and shooting whales with a crossbow. He’s also tried to portray a more eco-friendly image of himself by posing for photos in which he tags polar bears, feeds elk calves and assists endangered cranes in their migration.

Check out Putin’s puppy play date in the photos below.

Vladimir Putin plays with dogs in snow

Vladimir Putin plays with dogs in snow

Vladimir Putin plays with dogs in snow

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Vladimir Putin plays in snow with dogs in latest photo op
The Russian president is known for his often bizarre publicity stunts.