In 2008, when Serbian Sasha Pejčić learned that many of the homeless dogs he fed were being picked up by the local pound and killed, he started an animal sanctuary.

His cage-free facility soon grew to house hundreds of dogs that went through hundreds of pounds of kibble and leftover meat and bread. However, the shelter receives no local funds, and in 2013, Pejčić ran out of food and his dogs went hungry for two days.

That’s when he reached out to Harmony Fund.

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The charity, which “offers a lifeline to ‘underdog’ animal rescue squads across the planet,” helped Pejčić fund his rescue and feed the dogs, and it continues to do so today.

Recently, Harmony Fund released a video of 450 of Pejčić’s dogs running, splashing and playing at the shelter alongside their rescuer and several volunteers.

Harmony Fund hopes that sharing the video will raise awareness about the underfunded rescue and inspire people to help feed the canines. It costs $15 a month to feed each of the shelter’s dogs, but currently only 88 of the animals have sponsors.

"We can't reduce the dogs' food intake for lack of donations and we certainly can't pick and choose which dogs eat,” the video’s description reads. “With winter coming, we hope to stockpile some food. This is one charitable investment that will bring you nothing but happiness."

Harmony Fund is asking people to help fund the sanctuary by making a one-time donation or enrolling in its monthly giving program.

"The [dogs] fended for themselves on the streets or in neglectful homes and so many of them arrived with broken bones and broken hearts. But HEALING takes place here,” the charity's website reads. “The dogs soon learn that they are loved and cared for."

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