Explore.org’s newest live cameras follow five Labrador puppies that will one day work with disabled veterans.

Born Dec. 28, the pups spend most of their days sleeping and nursing from their mother, Misty, at Warrior Canine Connection’s (WCC) Healing Quarters in Brookville, Md. Viewers can tune in and watch the pups 24 hours a day.

"The puppy cams have unleashed a passionate community of supporters and volunteers for Warrior Canine Connection’s mission to serve wounded warriors through the healing power of dogs. We could never have imagined that these puppies would touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world," said WCC Dog Program Director Molly Morelli.

The puppies will begin service-dog training in about 10 weeks, where they’ll learn to work with physically disabled veterans and help them accomplish simple daily tasks.

The litter will also under go crucial “puppy petting socialization” with some of the recovering service members at the center and will remain at Healing Quarters for the next two years.

The live video feed is a service provided by Dog Bless You, one of the largest service-dog communities in the world. Dog Bless You has paired more than 160 dogs with mentally and physically disabled veterans.

As a part of explore.org’s Pearls of the Planet Initiative, the puppy cam’s mission is to help reconnect humans with animals.

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Watch tiny service pups on new webcam
The 5 Labrador puppies will begin training to work with physically disabled veterans in about 10 weeks.