On Dec. 30, The Weather Channel and the American Humane Association will begin a two-week nationwide search for a therapy dog to aid communities affected by natural disasters.

The organizations want the dog to visit schools, hospitals and other locations after severe weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes. The canine will provide survivors with a source of comfort.

"Rain or shine, animals play a vital part in the health of every community, and in times of disaster therapy animals can be especially valuable in rebuilding lives and restoring communities," Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of the AHA, said in a news release.

The Weather Channel therapy dog must be a medium-sized (40-50 pounds) shelter dog that's at least a year old. The canine must also friendly, affectionate and comfortable around cameras.

"Any past experiences with a natural disaster may allow him or her to better understand what victims of severe weather events might experience," according to the news release.

Learn more about the therapy dog search and see submissions on The Weather Channel website.

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Weather Channel seeks therapy dog
The ideal canine candidate will be a friendly shelter dog that can provide comfort to communities hit by severe weather.