You're going out for lunch. You won't be gone long, so you leave your dog in the living room, resting on his bed. Sure, he might stay there, dreaming of chasing squirrels. Or he might just be waiting for the moment you close the door.

We have a few examples to share.

The food-focused pets

This beagle went to great lengths to reach the leftovers, but he left his partner in crime empty-bellied.

This super-skilled Chinese crested dog pushes a rolling chair to the counter, just to eat a French fry.

And let's not give felines a free pass: Cats sneak snacks too!

Pets that go to great lengths

Even if your food is under lock and key, pets will find trouble in the kitchen, like these dumpster diving dogs. You might be surprised at who's doing all the "dirty work."

And apparently, they like socks. (Just about as much as miniature dachshunds love sweaters!)

Don't you want to know?

It can pay to set up a camera trap. They still may get away with their mischief, but at least you'll be in the know!

After all, you could be missing out on a hidden talent, like the piano master above. Why not set up a hidden camera? Who knows what you'll find!

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