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Selfies are unavoidable on social media these days, especially on photo-sharing platform Instagram.

But a Dallas animal rescue group is transforming vanity into charity by Photoshopping shelter dogs into self-portraits to encourage adoptions.

"Muttbombing," as the photos are hashtagged, is part of Dallas Pets Alive!'s efforts to make Dallas a no-kill city.

Created by the Dieste agency, the campaign involves inserting a rescue dog into an Instagram user's selfie, along with humorous observations from the dog's point of view.

"When it comes to finding homes for shelter pets, you have to really get creative,” DPA Executive Director Leslie Sans told Fast Company. ”So we're trying to show a different side of our pets through a fun and virtual interaction."

Dallas Pets Alive! started muttbombing users in the Dallas area on Feb. 10, but soon branched out to include celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Ryan Gosling.

And the photobombing dogs certainly seem to be doing their job.

"Several of the dogs have found their forever homes, but we want all of our muttbombers to get adopted," Sans said. "There are still homes out there we need to find. Every home we find opens up a foster home so we can rescue another dog at risk."

Know a selfie poster who deserves to be muttbombed? You can pass along their Instagram username to the muttbombers.

Take a look at some muttbombed selfies below. You can see the full collection here.

Kim Kardashian muttbombing

Miley Cyrus muttbombing


asvz14 muttbombing

anthonyjar_1 muttbombing

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What's that dog doing in your selfie?
Dallas Pets Alive! is 'muttbombing' Instagram users' selfies to encourage people to adopt shelter dogs.