Pancake the two-legged cat

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When Idaho resident Meagan Malone first adopted the two-legged kitten she named Pancake, she worried about what kind of life the tiny feline would have.

"When she came home with me, she was 8 weeks old, and she wasn't very active," she wrote on Facebook. "She spent most of her first week on her back, looking up at us. When I fed her I spoon fed her because she didn't (wasn't able to?) roll over to her tummy. She would wake up in the middle of the night, a few times a night, so hungry. So I would get up and feed her."

Pancake was born with a skeletal deformity that left her with a missing front leg and a folded front leg that she couldn't walk on.

Malone had heard that Pancake's owners were planning to have the fluffy gray kitten euthanized, so she took the cat home, but she was concerned that Pancake wouldn't move or play.

But as Malone cared for the kitten and encouraged her to move, Pancake began to adapt to life as a two-legged feline.

"She started standing up, she started to hop around, she started eating out of a bowl. That was a big step for her," Malone told The Huffington Post. She became "very playful and really affectionate."

Today, Pancake is nearly a year old, and she gets around just fine by walking on her two back legs. She recently even learned how to conquer stairs.

Just like other cats, Pancake enjoys jumping off furniture, so Malone has placed towels and blankets around the house that Pancake uses as "landing pads."

Veterinarians say Pancake's condition isn't causing her any pain; however, it's possible she'll develop back problems as she ages.

But for now, the two-legged kitty acts like any other cat and enjoys jumping, playing, cuddling and attacking her owner's feet.

"Some people that see her for the first time say that it is heartbreaking that she can't do this or that," Malone said. "I can understand that; however, I don't feel the same way anymore. Seeing how far she has come in such a short period of time is actually exciting."

Below, watch Pancake in action and see some more adorable photos of her.

Good morning, friends! Pancake loves to play, especially just after breakfast. She has so much energy in the morning!

kitten in sweater

two-legged kitten

Pancake cat playing

Pancake cat standing

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Who needs 4 legs to get around? Not Pancake the cat
Pancake was born with a skeletal deformity and has to rely on only her back legs, but it sure hasn't slowed her down.