We all get excited about Christmas, but when you're little, the emotion and anticipation are palpable. But sometimes, we don't get exactly what we want — like this little girl who gets a cute stuffed animal but says what she really, really wants is a real-life puppy. (It's a perfectly fine stuffed animal, but we all know stuffed just can't compete with the real thing.)

A voice off-camera asks what her Christmas wish is and for her to shut her eyes and sit quietly for a moment. When she does, the moment her wish is granted is priceless.

The girl immediately begins to cry from happiness — no, sob is more like it — exclaiming how cute the puppy is and how much she loves it. She even has the presence of mind to thank her parents in between tears.

For the puppy's part, he seems pretty chill (or just too scared to move?) while his new companion sobs her tears of joy.

Merry Christmas everyone, and may all your wishes come true.

The best Christmas present switcheroo ever
After thinking she got a stuffed doggie, little girl receives her real present — a puppy! — and she breaks down in tears of joy.