Yoga often requires separating yourself from the world as you let go of the worries, concerns and distractions of your life and center your thoughts. It can be difficult, but it's probably even more difficult when there are cute bunnies hopping around while you're attempting to balance in Lord of the Dance Pose.

Such is the adorable challenge that yoga-doers must face when they go to the Best Friends Animal Society's visitor center in Kanab, Utah. For a suggested donation of $10, folks looking to center their chi can also hang out with rabbits for an hour. You don't even need to bring a mat (which is nice, if you stop to think about it), but you do need to reserve your spot in advance.

So hop to it, residents of Kanab! Get your yoga on with adorable bunnies and support a no-kill shelter. And, also, maybe adopt a bunny afterwards?

And now for your moment of bunny zen
These bunnies hang out with yoga practitioners at an animal shelter in Utah.