Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

This cat thinks it is being sneaky. It's reaching around a wood column and poking a bunny's behind with its paws. Maybe it's trying to get the bunny to move so it can chase after the long-eared critter.

The rabbit, however, is simply unimpressed with these shenanigans. It sits there and takes the pokes, barely moving its head to look in the cat's direction.

Rabbits' eyes are made to protect them. Their eyes can rotate 360 degrees, giving them the ability to look behind them without even turning their heads. So while the cat is attempting to be stealthy, the rabbit is likely all too aware of the cat's location. With that knowledge, suddenly the video takes on a whole new spin. The cat thinks it's the one doing the teasing, but the rabbit may just be letting the cat tire itself out, or get bored, before it hops off to continue with its day.

Clever rabbit.

Bunny is not falling for cat's shenanigans
This cat may be the master of sneaky pokes, but the bunny is a guru of patience.