Good Boy?

We think of cats as mostly being befuddled by laser pointers and getting high on catnip. We don't think of them charging into a lush meadow and picking up a stick, but this cat does — and with aplomb.

This kitty darts into the field as soon as the stick is thrown, and you could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking it was a dog with a fairly long tail. Even the way the cat hunkers down a little bit to get a good grab on the stick seems just a touch canine-esque. But then, as it scampers back, it's clear it's a cat that just loves playing fetch.

It's clear the cat is confident in its fetching skills. The tail straight up in the air like that? That's a sure sign that this cat knows what it's doing, and that it's happy to be doing it.

This cat fetches better than your dog
No stick is safe from this expert cat who can fetch better than your dog.