Mohammad Alaa Jaleel is known as the "Cat Man of Aleppo." Due to the nonstop warfare being waged in Syria, families are often forced to flee their homes with whatever they can, and sometimes that doesn't include their pet cats. Alaa constructed a sanctuary for these cats in east Aleppo, but it was bombed last fall. Alaa did what he could to save the cats under his care before he, too, fled. Now he's back from Turkey and is already hard at work repopulating his sanctuary with hungry cats.

Alaa, however, proved last month that he doesn't discriminate between felines and canines. In a field just 10 minutes away from his new sanctuary, he came across a mother dog hiding 15 puppies. While the sanctuary is rushing to build a space to accommodate the big family, Alaa visits the family every day to deliver food, and he's proven to be popular with the puppies, as the video above shows.

To help Alaa and the animals in his care, request to join the Facebook group, which has been set up to support his efforts.

The 'Cat Man of Aleppo' loves dogs, too
Mohammad Alaa Jaleel — aka the Cat Man of Aleppo — is known for creating cat sanctuaries in Syria, and now he's taking in a family of 16 dogs.