One normally doesn't associate a solid net game with table tennis or ping pong. After all, you're not even supposed to be on the table when you're playing. This cat, however, could not care less.

Indeed, this kitty is demonstrating perhaps the most cat way of playing table tennis ever.

Instead of being up on all fours, chasing down balls, the cat is sort of lounging, albeit in a hyperactive way. It's swatting away balls that come near it but refusing to break its "I'm clinging to a hammock that's about to flip me onto the ground" aesthetic with the net. And when the cat does let go of the net, it gets even more excited as it returns, completing the reattachment with a very amusing helicopter-esque tail spin.

OK, so maybe the little cat isn't exactly ready for table tennis at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but it's definitely set to wow all comers in the rec room.

Cat shows off its mad table tennis skills
This cat is really good at returning table tennis balls with just a quick swipe of the paw (and a helicopter tail).