All Sue the dog wants is to play with her soccer ball. But playing with that soccer ball is more fun with friends, so Sue decided to make every passerby in front of her house a new friend!

In an effort to encourage folks to play with her, this crafty Dutch border collie bops her ball over the yard's fence into the street. Then she lies in wait — patiently, hopefully — for a pedestrian or cyclist to stop and toss the errant soccer ball back over the fence for her to run after. Bop, chase, repeat.

Sue has clearly trained the locals well, as many of them know the soccer ball is hers, and most folks seem happy to give Sue a little bit of joy as they go about their errands.

Clever pup trains passersby to play ball
This Dutch border collie knocks a soccer ball over a fence in the hopes that passersby will send it back over the fence.