You would think that Cola, a dog in Thailand that had his front legs cut off by a human armed with a sword, would be wary of us upright bipedals, but that isn't the case. Our capacity for cruelness is matched — if not occasionally exceeded — by our capacity for compassion, and that's how Cola received prosthetic legs from the Soi Dog Foundation.

At 9 months old, Cola chewed on shoes belonging to his then-owner's neighbor. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Cola's owner offered compensation, but the neighbor instead returned with a sword and cut off Cola's legs. Despite the blood loss, Cola survived and managed to adjust and, according to Soi Dog co-founder John Dalley, walk on his hind legs in a "kangaroo-fashion."

With his new prosthetic legs, Cola has his four-legged mobility back, and he's found a new kindred spirit (and owner) in Soi Dog co-founder Gill Dalley, who is also a double-amputee.

As the video shows, Cola can walk, run and even keep on hopping to his heart's content. And based on his excitement in the video, it's going to be a while before he ever gets tired of running up and down the beaches of Thailand.

Cola the dog loves his new legs
Despite having his front legs removed with a sword, Cola finds happiness in humans and their kindness.