Chores are easier when there's someone to help. A helper makes the task easier and maybe even more fun!

You can see the corgi in action here:

But we're not sure this corgi, which has latched onto a Swiffer sweeper, is helping all that much. Sure, dogs' fur can attract bits of dust and dirt, but it's far more likely the corgi is leaving a trail of hair as it's dragged along the floor. (Not very helpful, corgi! Your human will just have to sweep all over again.)

On the other hand, it's certainly funny to see a corgi so nonplussed about being dragged across the floor.

We'll give the corgi one for two as a chore helper in this instance. Maybe it's better at windows?

Corgi is a real drag when it comes to chores
This corgi thinks he's helping by being a broom.