"Hoot hoot, I'm takin' a a bath -- what the hoot are you looking at?"

More than a few of us probably have some sort of shower curtain. It stops water from getting everywhere when we shower and also gives us a bit of privacy. But sometimes a shower curtain isn't always available, especially when you're bathing in a sink.

This owlet, however, doesn't seem to mind all that much. Sure, it initially seems a little confrontational once it notices someone watching it. It spreads its wings and bobs its head around, as if to convey a message of, "I was here first, just enjoying my bath. You're the one who came in here with a camera, buddy."

But then the owlet goes back to its bath time fun, splashing its beak and spreading out its feathers. Water even gets everywhere, so maybe this sink should've come with a splash warning since it didn't come with a curtain.

This cute owlet would like you to stop disturbing its bath
This owl is just taking a bath when it notices that someone is filming it, and it would maybe like them to go away.