The Gatineau Golf & Country Club in Quebec doesn't seem to be picky when it comes to its members, as two Dachshunds recently enjoyed a day on the club's golf course.

Decked out in the finest golfing attire, brothers Crusoe and Oakley took advantage of the course's long fairways to really show off their drivers. They didn't even wait to see where the ball landed sometimes, immediately chasing after a nice drive. Maybe they didn't want anyone to play through?

Even the sand hazards posed little trouble for the hounds, but then they also dug around the traps a bit before trying to make their bunker shot. Odd penalties didn't stop there, though. Neither brother showed much skill on the green with inaccurate putting inflating their scores. And we're pretty sure golfers aren't allowed to pick up the ball with their mouths, either.

Nonetheless, the two brothers had a great day at the course. Crusoe even shot a 72, which is just one over par for the round!

Dachshunds enjoy a round of golf
The Dachshunds Crusoe and Oakley have no problem with their long games, but they need to work on their putting.