Licks vs. noms

Cross-species friendships in the animal kingdom require a cultural exchange of sorts. Sometimes there's a stare-down before a seemingly unspoken agreement is reached. Other times there's a fair bit of sniffing involved, a sort of smell-based handshake, if you will.

For this dog and this calf, however, neither of those options would suffice. Instead, a more oral "How do you do?" was used, and the result is adorable to us and a bit of a role reversal for the dog.

The dog starts things off with some gentle licking along the calf's snout. "Yes," the dog seems to say with its licks, "this is how we can say hello!"

The calf seems to absorb this lesson and takes it a step further. There's some tentative licking on the side of the dog's head until the cow goes in for the real greeting: a few nibbles on the dog's ear.

The dog sits patiently as the calf bites and licks on its ear, apparently OK with this turn of events. Turnabout seems to be fair play when you're making a new friend.

Dog and calf each get a taste of one another
While the dog is content to lick its beefy buddy, the calf would prefer to nibble a little.