'Well, I never!' (Image: Imgur)

There's a natural order to things in the pet world, and it starts with eating your own food in your own dish. This cat, however, is a rebellious one, uninterested in the way things have always been done. (Or it may not really care. Probably that.) It goes to eat a dog's food out from the dog's own dish, a flagrant disregard for tradition and the rules of the pet kingdom.

With a knowing look to the camera, the dog proceeds to poke at the cat. First, the pup uses a little force, and there there's a bit of politeness for the next two taps. Indeed, the last tap is sort of a soft caress of the cat's tail. "Well, if force won't work," the dog seems to think, "perhaps a polite invitation to a civil discussion will sort all this out?"

But the cat seems immune to all entreaties. Sure, it looks up and behind following the tail touch, but it doesn't even make eye contact with the dog before it goes back to eating. It appears that this cat isn't interested in re-instituting the usual way of doing things. Next thing you know, the cat will want to lay claim to the dog's bed and toys.

This dog cannot believe a cat is eating its food
A flummoxed dog politely pokes at the cat that is eating the food in the dog's dish.