Dog... Water... Party! from r/funny

Some dogs aren't fans of baths, while others, well, they can't seem to get enough of them.

Take for instance Jasper, a Labrador/Jack Russell mix. This little fella gets into his own personalized bath with gusto — no need to be told twice — and then just starts splashing and "digging" through the water. That, or it's a very stationary doggy paddle.

Jasper's clearly taking pleasure from his time in the water. Sure, the water is mostly just leaving the container, but it's just so darn good and pure that you can't be upset at the wasted water.

So you keep doing you, Jasper, and treat yourself to some good water shenanigans when you can!

This dog really 'digs' his bath
Jasper the dog loves to splash in his bath.