We all like to be comfortable on the couch, from sitting in that groove we've made from consistent lounging to sitting in the right spot to avoid the glare of the sun on the TV screen. But some of us need a little something extra that makes the whole experience perfect.

Like this giant dog. It needs its beloved (unicorn-shaped?) pillow before it can get onto the sofa. In its quest for considerable couch comfort, the dog treks from the upstairs down to the living area, carrying said pillow in its mouth. It drops the pillow on the floor first, and seems to almost consider sitting on the floor with it. But no, that's no way to watch the soccer match on the TV!

So the dog picks the pillow back up, easily scales the sofa and then settles on top of its special cushion. "Ah, yes," the dog seems to think, "This is just right. Oh wait ... I forgot the snacks."

This dog knows how to get comfy on the couch
This big, big dog carries its favorite cushion all the way downstairs and onto the couch before it's ready to settle in for a nap.