Of the offbeat list of things that can occur during a live performance, a dog sitting down next to a musician is one of the least disruptive — and in this case, warmly memorable.

That's what happened to the Vienna Chamber Orchestra while the group was performing in Ephesus, Turkey.

The company is starting the first movement of Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4, when a dog saunters onto the stage with nary a care in the world and settles down in the front of the strings section.

Professionals that they are, the orchestra and conductor Ola Rudner don't the let the dog's presence or the audience's chuckles and applause at the canine's arrival throw them. In fact, his presence seems to give them a little joy, too. They continue playing the "Italian" symphony just like it was any other performance.

The dog, for its part, listens politely, not making a sound. It does, however, yawn just a little bit. Maybe it prefers Bach?

Dog politely crashes live orchestra performance
As the Vienna Chamber Orchestra performs Mendelssohn, a dog saunters up to enjoy the show.